Rajith Kumar: Registered with thanksgiving for MA Yusuf Ali’s Feast! – bigg boss rajith kumar’s new instagram picture goes viral on social media


MA Yusufali’s birthday party for Bigg Boss star Rezith Kumar It was on social media that Rejith Kumar received the Perunal gift from Yusuf Ali. It is hinted that he receives the prize from Yusufali every year. ALSO READ: Madonna’s latest pics on Instagram

Padma Shri Rafi arrived this year with the gift of MA Yusufali Sir. Rejith shared the picture and said ‘Thank you’. Rejith Kumar once said that they have been in a relationship for years. The award-winning picture from Yusufali has been posted as a cover photo on Regg’s social media profile.

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During her stay at Bigg Boss, Rejit spoke about her friendship with community leaders. It was on the show that Yesudas phoned her once on the show. After the show, Mohanlal called the actor to inquire about his health.


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