Quarantine life is not easy, actress Parineeti Chopra shares her experience – CINEMA – NEWS


Bollywood star Parineeti Chopra is alone in the apartment. Lock-down was pushed by the food the friends were given daily because they did not know how to make food. The actor has now reached out to his supporters in times of crisis. Parineeti spoke about her lonely existence through social media.

During the lockdown, she was alone in her apartment in Khar West. The quartet says life alone is not easy. The star shared the sunset pictures from the apartment.

There are some men who make my life beautiful. Those who love me and remind me that there is more to life. They’ve proved it. I love you too Thank you for always looking for me and making me positive, for helping me to cook and provide meals every day. The quartin’s life is not easy, but you have made it easy. The post goes without saying the name of those who helped him. Only a hashtag named Friends has been given to the star.

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