Protests in US grow: Guard enters Minneapolis, evening curfew in 25 cities


Dozens of cities are under police siege after protesters in the United States got out of control. Demonstrations against racism in places have grown into complete anarchy.

A week after an unarmed black man was killed by a Minnesota police officer, thousands of guardsmen had to intervene.

Peaceful marches quickly escalated into clashes with police.

Separate neighborhoods of New York and Washington looked like a battlefield – tear gas, rubber bullets, arson and looting.

Clashes and curfews also occur in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago.

Just meters from the fence, the military police are ready to act with weapons against anyone who decides to approach. This is how Minneapolis is guarded in the last hours. Today, people are on the streets again, but to clean.

After the National Guard entered the state, the situation calmed down, but this was not the case a few hours earlier. Not so in 25 cities across the country, where riots cannot be quelled.

The curfew was not observed in many places and riots broke out. Tear gas and rubber bullets were also used in front of the White House fence in Washington.

A protester crashed into a car with an American flag in California. In the same state, a van crashed into a group of protesters. Both incidents were without casualties.

In at least two states, journalists were also injured. A rubber bullet hit the Reuters correspondent in the face.

In Atlanta, a police officer sided with protesters:

“I have a son who is 31 years old and one is 15. We talk about it all the time at home. We are not telling you not to protest, but to calm things down a bit. “People have a right to be angry, but we’ll fix things one by one,” said Sergeant Murvey, a police officer.

The guard maintains order in Minnesota.

The governor called for an end to the vandalism and for everyone in Minneapolis to gather to clear the devastation.

About 500 Bulgarians live in the region.

It was a ridiculous incident, the police made a mistake and a man died. From another point of view, what happened is unacceptable, says Ilian Nikolov – a businessman from Mont.

Due to the huge destruction and arson at the moment, many business owners and residents of neighborhoods have taken the security into their own hands and are armed in front of their properties to protect them from vandalism.

The Bulgarian consulate in Chicago announced that they have no information about our compatriots injured during the clashes in Minneapolis. Our Consul Mr. Ivan Anchev maintains contact with our compatriots in Minnesota and closely monitors what is happening here.

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