Protests in the United States have escalated following the police arrest


Protests in the United States have escalated following the police arrest

Protests against police brutality that led to the death of a black man in Minneapolis did not subside and led to a new wave of clashes after protesters marched on Washington and other American cities demanding justice. The death of a black man, George Floyd, has been charged with the murder of a white police officer who has already been fired and was videotaped kneeling on his neck for several minutes during his arrest. An accidental video of the arrest by an eyewitness shows the detained man lying on the ground, lying on his stomach, a white policeman pressing his neck to the ground with his knee for a few minutes, and his husband telling him that he can no longer breathe. The officer responsible for Floyd’s death was fired and charged with reckless homicide, which the deceased’s family said was a belated and insufficient measure. We want a charge of premeditated murder and we want the others involved in the case to be arrested, the relatives said.

Officer Derek Chovin was detained yesterday, four days after the incident. Chovin and three of his colleagues had already been fired by police on Tuesday. Shortly after the news of the arrest, the Minnesota prosecutor’s office announced that Chovin had been charged with third-degree murder – that is, murder committed in an attempt to inflict bodily harm on the victim, but not necessarily to cause her death. It is possible that the former police officer will be charged with other charges.

The act of police violence raised a huge wave of outrage and took thousands of people to the streets in various American cities. Demonstrations and protests, accompanied by moments of violence, arson and shoplifting, began first in Minneapolis, the city where the tragedy took place, and then elsewhere in the United States. Yesterday there were protests in many places – from Detroit to Atlanta, in New York, Houston and the capital Washington.

A curfew was announced in Minneapolis from 8 pm to 6 am to prevent riots such as those in which dozens of shops were set on fire and looted.

Murder of a protester in Detroit

A man has died in Detroit after an unknown person opened fire on a protester’s car, a police spokeswoman was quoted as saying by the Associated Press. The shooting took place last night at 11.30 pm. A 19-year-old man was killed and her death was confirmed at the hospital where he was taken, said Sergeant Nicole Kirkwood.

Protesters attacked the headquarters of CNN television in Atlanta, DPA and the Associated Press reported.

The television broadcast live how demonstrators shot bottles at police officers standing at the entrance to the building and called on them to leave the police. One man tried to smash the windows of the building with a skateboard. The television logo was smeared with paint. The police presence was increased.

The protest in Atlanta began and lasted peacefully for several hours, but at one point some of the demonstrators began to run wild, breaking police cars, one was set on fire. Three police officers were injured and many were detained, a police spokesman said.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bothams (a Democrat) accused protesters at an emotional press conference of defaming the name of both Floyd and the city-born Circassian rights activist Martin Luther King. This is not the spirit of King, this is chaos when King was killed, we did not do such things in our city, Bothams said and called on the protesters to disperse. However, it is reported that the riots have continued, there are broken restaurants, cars set on fire.

Trump: Protests should not turn into anarchy and chaos

Hundreds of protesters also gathered in front of the White House to express their anger at the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died Monday in a white police arrest. The circumstances surrounding his death rekindled racial tensions in the United States.

Protesters in front of President Donald Trump’s residence carried placards reading “Stop killing us!”, “The lives of blacks are important,” and chanting, “Justice for George Floyd!”

US President Donald Trump said he had spoken to the family and expressed his condolences to the relatives of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after a white police officer pressed his knee to the ground with his knee. His assassination sparked three days of violent protests in the US city of Minneapolis, Reuters reported.

Trump said he understood why the incident sparked protests across the country against police brutality against African Americans, but added that they should not “continue to grow into unbridled anarchy and chaos.” Marauders should not be allowed to silence the voices of so many peaceful protesters, Trump said at a White House event. “I understand the insult, I understand the pain,” he said.

Trump has tried to justify his use of the phrase “looting leads to gunfire” earlier on Twitter, suggesting that security forces should shoot at those who rob stores during the riots. His post, in which he also uses the word “bandits”, has been widely criticized. Trump said he did not know the story of the phrase about the robberies and shootings associated with police repression of the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Biden: It’s not time for inciting tweets

Former US Vice President Joe Biden said he spoke with George Floyd’s family today and called for justice.

In a brief online comment, Biden, the likely candidate of the Democratic Party in the United States presidential election in the fall, blamed the death of the colored “systemic racism,” which he called an “open wound” in American society. It is time for deep and lasting police reform in the United States, he urged.

Biden veiled President Donald Trump without mentioning him by name. “This is not the time for incitement tweets. This is not the time to incite violence,” said the Democrat, who is likely to face a Republican president in the November election.

Earlier today, in comments on Twitter, Trump called the protesters in Minneapolis “bandits” and threatened to put the city “under control.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has criticized the incident in the United States, TASS and the AP reported.

In a long statement, he stressed that the case testified to US human rights problems and highlighted the frequent use of force by US police. Russia’s foreign ministry has called on the United States “to take real and effective measures to remedy the situation, to return to conscientious compliance with its international obligations and to bring its national legislation into line with the UN’s fundamental principles on the use of force and firearms.” law enforcement authorities “.

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