Protests against police violence are intensifying in the United States – around the world and in our country


Mass riots and disruption of evening hours in a number of United States cities following the death of a black man who died while being detained by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

Police are on the alert for looting shops, setting fire to cars and attacking buildings. The alleged culprit will be brought to justice tomorrow, and three of his colleagues have been fired.

President Trump has condemned acts of violence by marauders, criminal left-wing extremists and anarchists.

Huge demonstrations against police violence against blacks, but also against socio-economic inequality, took place in at least 30 American cities, including in front of the White House in Washington.

The protests began peacefully, but later led to violence. The governor of California declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles and activated the National Guard. For the whole city is in the evening from 20.00 to five in the morning. Police made hundreds of arrests.

20 police cars were set on fire in New York, a patrol car crashed into protesters, but Mayor Bill de Blasio said officers did not start first.

Chicago curfew is from 9 to 6 a.m. until a second order.

Dozens were detained in Atlanta after protesters remained on the streets and after curfew and damaged buildings and cars.

700 members of the National Guard are helping police set up an evening class in Minneapolis, where detainee George Floyd died. Two people from a Reuters TV crew in the city were also injured.

One man was fatally shot in Indianapolis, but police denied firing in uniform.

13 police officers were injured in a Philadelphia curfew.
Evening time is also in effect in Miami, Portland, Louisville and San Francisco.

President Trump said the rioters were desecrating the victim’s memory.

Donald Trump – President of the United States: Healing, not hatred, justice, not chaos. I will not allow the angry crowd to prevail.

Donald Trump postponed the G7 meeting scheduled for this month in Washington for September and announced an invitation to the club from Australia, Russia, South Korea and India.

Trump’s rival for the presidency, Democrat Joe Biden, condemned the riots, but stressed that Americans have the right to protest police brutality.

Hundreds also protested against Floyd’s death in London, chanting “There is no peace without justice.”

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