Protest rages on in America; Widespread aggression; 533 people arrested in Los Angeles


NEW YORK: Protesters in the United States have been torched during a Coronavirus outbreak. The protest, which has continued for the past three days, has caused widespread damage in major US cities. As the protests turn into violence, curfews have been announced in several cities, including Minneapolis and Minnesota.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Los Angeles last night. Protesters marched to the city chanting slogans that I could not breathe. Of these, 533 have been arrested. They have been arrested on charges of theft, assault and attempted murder.

Widespread damage during the protests took place in Los Angeles. Protesters also attacked shops and businesses. They also damaged police vehicles. Six police officers were injured in the attack. Officials said they are looking into the number of casualties in the city. Protesters have closed all major roads in the city.

There has been a great deal of protest in the United States recently. A black man had been murdered by police shortly before. This was followed by the protest. The protests then spread to other parts of the United States.

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