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Another video of the brutal torture of George Floyd, a black man killed in New York, Minneapolis, has emerged. “Let me wake up, let me breathe.”

Earlier, a video came out of Floyd shouting ‘Why am I suffocating when one of the policemen inserted his head into the ground? The policeman stood on his knees for eight minutes after he shook hands, and the body rose to a halt. He was rushed to the hospital but to no avail. He was arrested on a complaint of forgery.

Protests are raging across the US. There was violence and gunfire in many places. A 19-year-old man was shot dead by an unidentified group in a car hit by protesters in Detroit. Police opened fire in Minneapolis. There were protests on the second day in violation of a curfew, including in front of a burning police station. The military asked the police to be ready.

Woman demonstrating placard against police in protest in Kansas City, Missouri, USA You don’t have the power to kill minorities.

Thousands participated in the massive protest rally in Brooklyn, New York. Police have arrested people who threw bottles and bottles at the police. Protesters blocked roads in Atlanta. Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., who attended the rally, said the only way to achieve the goal was through peace.

In the meantime, police have charged Derek Schoenan with murdering George Floyd’s knee. US embassies and ambassadors in various countries in Africa have condemned the killing as usual.

Trump recognizes that pain by softening his stance

Washington: US President Donald Trump has backed out of a controversial deal to launch a gunfight. Trump tweeted last week referring to the protests that followed the murder of George Floyd. Members of the Democratic Party have also opposed the move.

Trump said yesterday that he understands why violence against black people causes great protests and recognizes their pain.

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