Professionally … a Syrian doctor performs a complex operation on an Iraqi woman weighing 356 kg … photos


The Syrian surgeon Dr. Basil Ahmed and his medical team were able to successfully perform an “endoscopic stomach cutting” of an Iraqi patient weighing 356 kilograms in a hospital in Karbala, Iraq.

Dr. Basil confirmed to “Sputnik” that this operation is the first of its kind in the Arab region, while a weight of 400 kg was recorded in Europe earlier.

The doctor indicated to the agency that the operation, which was conducted at the “Imam Zain Al-Abidin” hospital in Karbala, was successfully carried out for a woman weighing 365 kilograms and recovered.

The doctor wrote on his Facebook page:

“We succeeded, praise be to God, by performing a distinguished surgical operation, a patient weighing 356 kilograms, and we performed her a gastroscopy with a gastroscopy. Thank God she recovered.”

In his publication, Dr. Basil mentioned the names of the participating doctors and the names of the medical team that participated in the operation, and pointed to the role of the positive hospital administration in terms of helping prepare for the operation.

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