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“I have said many times that the virus is like a ladder. We are on the last step of the ladder. The scenario is stable and currently it is for between 0 and 20 cases per day. We stand in front of the door that reads, “End of the medical part of the crisis.” We just have to go through it. ” This was said in the studio of “Awake” by the mathematician of the National Operational Headquarters Prof. Nikolay Vitanov.

“But before we go, we need to avoid the carp effect – anglers know when they catch a carp, they keep it in the cap until it gets weak, because otherwise the carp can jump back into the water. That’s why you have to proceed patiently and in cold blood,” he added. Prof. Vitanov.

14 new cases of coronavirus, including a child

He pointed out that the peak of the coronavirus in our country was around Easter. “After that, the cases started to decrease. The explanation is that in Bulgaria the development of the epidemic does not follow the classic scenario of exponential growth, and the clusters were isolated “, explained the mathematician.

Prof. Vitanov stressed that it is possible to increase the incidence if the individual outbreaks are not controlled. “If we miss two clusters, we can very quickly find ourselves in a situation where we have more than 100 infected people a day. However, this is now under control and all clusters have been captured and isolated, “he reassured.

How to live safely despite the coronavirus?

The mathematician added that if the remaining measures are observed – they are less and less, but those that remain are important, and there are no long “passes” – for example, a plane with infected people comes from abroad, then the epidemic in our country will end. schedule. “As I said, it will take two and a half to three months. By mid-June, the number of infected will be so small that it will not be a problem, “said Prof. Nikolai Vitanov.

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