Prof. Nachev said what will happen in the second wave of K-19 VIDEO


Thanks to the right tactics and strategy chosen by the government and the Headquarters, we have avoided the fate of countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy in terms of the spread of the disease, said the director of St. Catherine Hospital Prof. Gencho Nachev.

“We were able to limit the spread of the infection thanks to those who were disciplined,” he added.

According to him, the strict measures that were introduced in the country in connection with the epidemic were eased in time. “The decisions were in line with an analysis of reality, which showed that the peak had been reached, a plateau began.

The headquarters said that if the picture changed, the strict measures would be returned. The relief was timely, but the danger has not passed, “he said.

According to him, the coronavirus will be a part of our lives. “Even if the virus returns in September, it will encounter some available immunity in part of the population.Then we will be better prepared for such a meeting than before, we are closer to the vaccine “, commented Prof. Nachev.

As for the protective masks that we are obliged to wear indoors, the head of “St. Ekaterina “said that things will calm down and we will stop wearing them, but it is good to remember that we must observe personal hygiene.

“The positive thing about this pandemic is that it taught us to wash our hands,” he said.

“We advised our patients, when they have a problem, not to run to the hospital, but to call on the phone. This protects both the hospital staff and the health of our heart patients, who are more susceptible to any infection.

“Many patients were afraid to come for an examination, and we have taken all possible measures to minimize the risk of infection. People should not be afraid, they should get used to living in a coronavirus,” he said. .

“This pandemic has worked in several ways. We felt that we are not eternal, that everyone can get sick and this disease can end fatally. This affects the psyche.

The second positive of this pandemic is that many people have opened their hearts to the good and how they can help others.

Donation is back. We had forgotten about the donation actions, that deep in the soul of the Bulgarian there is such a moment – that he can help his neighbor “, said in conclusion the cardiologist.

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