Prof. Kantardjiev shattered the biggest myths about K-19 mortality in Bulgaria BLITZ TV


Many people in our country allow themselves to comment that we do not have a high mortality rate. The reason, according to them, was that we do not have many elderly people, or at least those over 90-95 years old. They are not right.

This was stated at the traditional morning briefing of the National Operational Headquarters by Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev.”To a large extent the severity of this infection depends on two causeswhich I emphasize for some time. The first reason – depends on the number of viruses you are infected with. If you use protective equipment and keep your distance and get infected, you get sick more easily because few viruses affect the body.“, he explained.

The second reason is the number of receptors in your organs, in which this virus will be caught. In children, these receptors are much less in the respiratory system than in adults. That is why the children did not have a clinical manifestation of the disease. “said the expert.

Already adults have many receptors in the respiratory system. In the oldest – over 75 years of age, they decrease again. We are very happy to learn that 100-year-olds have been cured and defeated the coronavirus. Tthis is the reason, however – they no longer have so many receptors, “Kantardzhiev said.

“The fact that we have fewer deaths is due to other reasons, not that we had a little 90-year-olds,” he repeated.

“The most affected district in Bulgaria is Sofia district and Sofia-city. 995 infected, of which 126 are in hospital. These are dry figures, but behind them is the round-the-clock dedicated work of nurses, doctors and nurses who do not see their relatives with weeks, “he said.

“When you listen to these numbers, this is the work of over 1,000 RHI people looking for contacts. This is the round-the-clock work of laboratories. Only 3 months ago we started with 2 laboratories in the country, and now we have more than 35,” said Prof. Kantardzhiev.

“In fact, at the moment in our country the general complex of research is being carried out, which is focused and is on the principle of strategic testing,” he explained.

The virus is in several genetic types. It’s different in the United States, it’s different in China, and it’s different in the United States. We have planned a large study to know what type of virus is in our country and how much it has changed since the beginning of the epidemic in our country (March 8). Let’s see how much this virus has mutated, “he said.


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