Prof. Gencho Nachev: We managed to avoid the fate of the United States and Italy, thanks to the right strategy


According to the cardiologist, Bulgaria has managed to limit the spread of the infection

“Thanks to the right tactics and strategy of the government and the headquarters, we have avoided the fate of other countries such as the United States, Italy and Spain. We have managed to limit the spread of the disease. Those people who were disciplined were of great importance,” Awake said. the cardiologist and director of St. Ekaterina Hospital Prof. Gencho Nachev. He said he supported the decision to mark May 24 in the face of severe epidemic measures, as the risk of infection still exists.

19 are the new cases of coronavirus in the country (VIDEO)

“I think that all measures were eased in time, because they were in line with an analysis of reality. I appeal once again to Bulgarian citizens not to forget that the danger has not yet passed. I am optimistic by nature. Even if the coronavirus returns in the fall “It will meet the available immunity in part of the population, it will not be new. I think that by September we will be better prepared to meet the virus than now,” he said, stressing that the creation of a vaccine is imminent. According to Nachev, the positive thing about the pandemic is that many people have reminded themselves that personal hygiene must be observed.

Boom of patients after the “opening” of hospitals

“The first thing we advised our patients was not to run to hospitals if they had a problem. In this way, we protected the hospital staff on the one hand, and the health of the patients on the other. Because our patients are heart patients, with cardiovascular disease. diseases and are more susceptible to any infection, “Nachev explained.

According to him, sensible behavior in such a situation is to do everything possible to protect others. However, the doctor stressed that it is reasonable and if there are any complaints, they should not be neglected for fear of the coronavirus. He advises his patients to contact a doctor if they do not feel well.

Watch the whole conversation with Prof. Gencho Nachev in the video.

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