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India and China strengthen military preparedness in cross-border areas despite unofficial talks on diplomatic level India has deployed more troops of the Army, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) to the border areas of the conflict-prone eastern Ladakh region.

According to satellite imagery, satellite imagery indicates that China is also preparing for a border crossing. India has been increasing its forces after a series of discussions between the commanders of the border.

Army personnel who had come to Jammu and Kashmir for the purpose of maintaining law and order in the Union Territory after moving into the Union Territory were instructed to move to the border. On the other hand, India is of the view that the need to maintain vigilance across the border in the face of pressure from China to increase the number of troops.

Meanwhile, videotapes have emerged showing soldiers from both sides bordering the border. It is also seen that the vehicle of the Chinese army has been detained by India. However, the Sena has confirmed that the authenticity of the video has not been confirmed. The Sena added that there were no incidents of violence at the border and that the video should not be made to worsen the situation.

Nepal to map the Indian Territory

The Nepal government has introduced a constitutional amendment to the map to record the areas of Kalapani, Lipullekh Pass and Limpiyadura in Uttarakhand along the India-Nepal border. Opposition Nepali Congress said it would support the amendment.

The ruling Nepal Communist Party is hoping that a constitutional amendment for a two-thirds majority could be easily passed. Foreign Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava has recently said that the map of Nepal is not based on historical facts and that India will not accept artificial land development.

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