Prithviraj’s Comment On Dulquer Salmaan New Insta Post | Instagram Found In Search Of Prithviraj Found! Dulquer Salmaan’s post is a hoax



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We’ve all seen a lot of players who bring out their talent on lockdown. Singer and actress Rimi Tommy is on a culinary experiment. So is young Dulquer Salman. Dulquer released a picture of himself cooking a few weeks ago in the kitchen.

The culinary experiment was with Umma Sulfat then. Dulquer shared a picture of the cutting of vegetables. The star, however, has now made his own and posted a photo of the burger. It also mentioned the name of the item to be made next.


‘This is the first time that the whole thing is made. Next the brioche bun should be baked. Dulquer shared the picture of the culinary experiment by captioning that there was another chef who assisted him. Fans also came up with interesting comments below this post. Actor Prithviraj’s comment is getting attention.

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Prithvi’s comment was that this was the Instagram account I had been looking for for three months after she went on to shoot the movie. Prithviraj’s comment is likely to be the result of posting pictures of food making earlier. It was because she was controlling her diet for her character.


Prithviraj, who had lost 20kg of weight, had never eaten a normal diet. For the past five months I have been on a strict diet. Dulquer’s post is commented on. The goat life, including Prithviraj, came to Kerala recently after a three month long shoot.

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With the spread of coronavirus, the curfew was announced in Jordan, where the shooting took place, and the shooting had to be stopped. With this, the film crew had to spend more days there. The pack is finally back home. The players are on a 14-day quarantine in the west of Corona.

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