Prithviraj and team at Jordan Airport, Photos went viral! Supriya and Alekrishna get relief! Jawbone to Quarantine! Images go viral!



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Social media was full of talk about Prithviraj’s return. Now it is revealed that the herdsmen have returned to Kerala. A photo of Prithviraj and Bliss from the airport has been circulating on social media. Pictures of mobile looking with mask and gloves and coming with luggage are going viral. Earlier, the picture of the star with a lean body had gone viral.

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A photo of him wearing a cooling glass and a mask is now being circulated through fan groups. Earlier, it was revealed that Prithviraj and his team would return home on May 22. Prithviraj and his team arrived in Kochi on an Air India special flight. It was later revealed that she would go to the Quarantine as per the directions of the Health Ministry.

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Mallika Sukumaran said that even if she went to Quarantine, her son would return home. This is the first time she’s been apart.


Supriya also shared the sadness of Prithviraj’s absence with Vishu or Wedding Anniversary. Ally asks if the lockdown is over and she wants her daddy to come.

Prithviraj has said that he wants to return home as soon as the shooting gets packed. The star also said that he and his princess and queen wanted to get to the edge after the quarantine. Supriya and Poornima have come up with a video of Alakamruta writing on the board ‘My Father is Coming’.

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Poornima has said that Prithviraj and Supriya are the most powerful people she has ever seen. Earlier, the actor had said that Prithviraj should arrive soon. The family is peaceful with Prithviraj’s arrival. She said she had spoken to her son through a video call and that there was nothing to worry about.

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