Previous artist: Ashoka remembers Padmarajan


Asokan was a favorite of Malayalees when he was tired of a lockdown and a lazy afternoon at a flat in Chennai. But when he phoned Padmarajan, his beloved disciple was energetic. Ashoka was eloquent when he spoke of Pappettan, there is so much to tell this disciple about him.

He made me an actor. His confidence gave me the courage to act again. This is the first film directed by Padmarajan. I am fortunate that I was able to act in it. A boy with little or no knowledge of cinema went to see an advertisement for an actor. He showed a daring nobody in Malayalam cinema. There was no sense at the time of his acting. But his suggestions and support were easy to come by. The actor got to know Ashokan by Padmarajan.

Peruvazhiyambalam has earned a lot of recognition. He won the National Award for the Best Regional Film, then the Sound Essay, and the Script Award for Everything. He said my name had come and gone. At that time, I was neither young nor boyish. Therefore, there is no category. But it’s great to be able to act in an artistically valuable film. He was a different version of the film concept then, but he dared to act for me. Puppetry was an artist with a backbone. No one in my image at the time would be a hero or vice-captain. Puppetry was different in a community of people who only made commercial films. He also played a role in many films.

Most of his films are directed by Jagathy Chettan. On a good day on Monday, in the village of Arappatta, the towels, the third day and the season, he wrote the script and Mohan directed the interval. I made an image that was also in Puppet’s films. Each of his stories was different. Another fortunate thing is today is my birthday, and I was born the same day he was born. I think that’s the biggest part.

All I can say is that Padmarajan is an artist who goes back a long time. His films celebrate the youth of today. The towels are still on the TV. When it was released, people who weren’t even born were attached to it. Puppet was such a magnificent creation, perhaps that is why God called him so quick. There has never been one who writes so differently. The death of Pappettan is the greatest loss of Malayalam cinema. His death is the event that literally crushed me. There were no actors who did not want to be in his line. People were queuing up to become Puppet’s assistant director. He was such a great talent. He wrote a lot of books before making films and got a lot of accolades. He left behind many stories, short stories and novels to film for the new generation. His characters are still aspiring. Only if the filmmakers are bold enough to do it.

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