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Visiting the snow-capped Antarctica is the dream of any traveler. A fascinating news from Antarctica, where iglots, icy bears, and snow leopards are attracting worldwide attention.
The news is that there are greenery all over Antarctica. It was reported some time ago, but now it is getting more attention. Experts point out that climate change is the cause of greenery.
Researchers at the University of Cambridge say this is due to the growing number of tiny algae that cannot be seen by the naked eye. They claim that this may spread to Antarctica in the future and that greenery is possible in Antarctica as well.
The algae have been found off the coast of Antarctica. They are usually found in hot areas. But researchers found 1679 algae here. This is fascinating.
Though it is not yet clear how it got here, the news has brought great pleasure to the tourists. Many people have already flocked to Antarctica to see the spectacle.

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