Pregnancy at a young age can protect against the fiercest “killer of women”


A recent scientific study revealed that pregnancy at a young age can carry women from the killer who is described as the “fiercest” to them.

“Times News Now” published a scientific study in which it was pointed out that pregnant women at a young age (25 years and under) can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

The study showed that pregnancy at a young age can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by almost 30%.

                    REUTERS / Edgard Garrido

The main factors for the development of breast cancer

Professor Camilla dos Santos said the study focused on examining the molecular details behind the protective effects of pregnancy.

She discovered that one-way breast cells protect themselves from cancer after pregnancy, and are able to get rid of a particularly strong cancerous gene.

Also, pregnancy at a young age helps keep breast cells suspended in a “pre-aging” state, a moment in the cell’s life cycle between death and living and possible cancer.

These findings provide new insights into future cancer treatment and better ways to identify risks before a tumor appears.

The study indicated that the pregnancy event itself changes how to open or close the DNA regions, such as what happens in the “yo-yo” in which children play, where pregnancy helps to make a set of proteins that protect the DNA from becoming open and reproducible, which is what it benefits from. Cancer cells.

This is one of the few examples that show that a natural process of growth, such as pregnancy, can prevent the cell from interacting with the cancer-enhancing gene, says dos Santos.

Dos Santos and her team are currently working on applications of this study to human breast tissue, to enable the experience of suggesting breast cells in the presence of pregnancy, to prevent the formation of cancerous cells even at an advanced age.

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