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Arab families who are not shy about honoring their guests on the occasion of the feast, have shielded this feast for the safety of the festival. Families are forbidden to visit to prevent the spread of Kovid. Families celebrate the feast by following the authorities’ security directives by hanging ‘apology’ boards in front of their homes. Simultaneously, the Eid in the days of the pestilence offers a breathtaking view of novelty and curiosity. Everyone is making this great day a precursor.

That is to say, ‘We regret that we cannot accept our dear guests, Eid-ul-Fitr, to congratulate them on the present situation. For the safety of your family and yours. ”- The boards with the telephone number and Eid greeting along with the Eid greetings are hung in front of the house.

At the same time, each of the indigenous families has established such boards as a precautionary measure to protect themselves. Some homes even include a reminder of ‘your feast is your home’. The UAE government’s directive is to avoid home visits on Eid to stop the spread of Kovid. These boards indicate that those who go for a friendly visit without hearing this will have to return home.

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