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Poornima Indrajith is an actor, television presenter and entrepreneur who has made her mark. Prana, founded by Poornima in 2013, has been short-lived. Prana’s work was in keeping with the Indian and Western trends as well as Kerala handloom.

Many celebrities today come with Purnima’s signature dress. Poornima Indrajit was recently awarded the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. Poornima is trying to share her story with her fans via social media. The star has now shared her honeymoon with us on social media. Poornima shared her honeymoon with a strict suggestion that those who are not eighteen should not read it.

” Our honeymoon. Otherwise it would be better called a school excursion. Yes, we have done it, take note … we have pictures of us running through the Jantar Mantar and the Rose Garden behind us in the scorching heat of the burning heat. We did the same thing as you did the mandatory pose of the day. It was a good honeymoon. I can’t see you in our orifice. In addition to that styling and shoes, we put on the dress we were matching at the time. We can’t stop laughing when we look back. ” Poornima. Many fans have also come up with interesting comments for Poornima’s film.


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