Political virus spreads; Things have put Cold War on the brink – Chinese Foreign Minister Cold war | Coronavirus | US


Beijing: China’s foreign minister has criticized the US for putting its relationship with China on the brink of a new Cold War. The response comes after US-China relations on the Corona virus and Hong Kong worsened.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the media that some US political powers were blocking China-US relations and that the two countries were on the verge of a Cold War. He did not specify the forces that would create rift in the US-China relationship. But US President Donald Trump has launched high-profile criticism of China following the coronavirus epidemic, which has caused more than 3,30,000 deaths and the financial crisis.

The Chinese Foreign Minister’s stern reaction to the United States is set to take a new toll following the spread of coronavirus disputes between the two countries over trade and human rights. Meanwhile, China’s move to introduce a security law to halt Hong Kong’s protests has led to fresh opposition from the United States and the world.

But Wang Yi accused the US of repeatedly trying to make China look bad. A similar political virus is spreading from the United States, causing the corona virus. This political virus is using every opportunity to blackmail China. Some leaders hide the fact and make many lies. There are many conspiracies against China. The Chinese Foreign Minister said that none of them were effective.

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