Police vehicle rams into protesters in America | In the United States, a police vehicle crashed into a crowd of protesters in the murder of George Floyd


MINNEAPOLIS – A police vehicle has been hit and run over a demonstration in protest of the murder of George Floyd in the United States. The footage of the police department’s vehicle crashing into the crowd of protesters is spreading widely on social media.

The vehicle crashed into a crowd of protesters on Brooklyn Street. The vehicle crashed into protesters from behind the barricades. It is evident in the footage that some people are hitting the road by the impact of the thunder. There is widespread protest in the United States over the murder of George Floyd.

George Floyd, 46, a security guard at a small restaurant, was brutally murdered yesterday. He was killed by the policemen kneeling on George’s neck. The cruelty against Floyd came after he was arrested by four policemen.

After Floyd was arrested, he was stripped of his shirt and rolled on the road and then stabbed in the neck. Meanwhile, there is widespread protests in the US. Protests are riotous and riotous in many places.


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