Police arrested the President of Austria in violation of the rules against the virus


Austrian President Alexander van der Belen apologized today after he and his wife, Doris Schmidauer, were caught by police at an open-air restaurant in Vienna in violation of curfew imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, DPA reported.

Van der Belen confirmed to Kronen Zeitung that he had indeed violated the ban and apologized. The president clarified that he had a conversation in the restaurant and lost track of time. Police also confirmed that Van der Belen had been spotted at the establishment.

Van der Belen and his wife were drinking at a table in the restaurant after midnight when police entered the restaurant to check.

Fines for violating the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus can reach up to 30,000 euros.

“I’m really sorry. It was a mistake,” Van der Belen told the Cronen Zeitung. /

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