Pochetino: I thought I would replace Mou at Real, and look what happened – Football World – Spain


Mauricio Pochettino said that Jose Mourinho is the perfect person to finish what he started in Tottenham. The former coach of the “spurs” recalled the time when the roles could be exchanged and it was the Argentine to replace Mou at the head of Real Madrid.

“It’s in the past. Besides, my kids slept with an Espanyol team then, so it would be very difficult to change that. I was completely committed to Espanyol,” Pochettino admitted.

“When I arrived at the stadium, Jose was waiting for me with French wine and two Real teams, then he told me, ‘This is for your kids to have something to wear from now on.’

“We have a good relationship with him, we have known each other for a long time. He is a top coach. Sometimes I thought I could replace him at Real, but look what happened. Strange, huh? I’m happy that it was him. I left the team in good condition, so he must be pleased that we have helped bring him to his current condition, “said the specialist.

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