Please allow us to play in foreign leagues, says BCCI Robin Uthappa | BCCI


BENGALURU: Indian cricketer Robin Uthappa has asked BCCI players who are not currently under contract to play in foreign T20 leagues. Suresh Raina had raised this demand earlier. It was after this that Uthappa came to support Raina. Uthappa was speaking on the BBC’s podcast event Durasara.

“It is hurtful that BCCI’s ban on playing in foreign leagues is hurtful,” he said. ‘Please let us play. Domestic cricket can be difficult to cope with after a long absence. It takes two or three matches to get on track. So we should be allowed to play in foreign leagues when there is no domestic competition. ‘ Uthappa clarified.

Uthappa says that playing in foreign leagues will allow him to get closer to more players and this will benefit each player’s career. Suresh Raina and Uthappa have not retired from international cricket. But it is currently outside the BCCI’s contract. The Indian jersey was worn years ago. It was in this situation that both the players demanded to be allowed to play in foreign leagues.

content highlights: Robin Uthappa Urges BCCI To Allow Indians To Play In Foreign T20 Leagues

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