People who are not eighteen should not read this; Poornima Indrajith sharing her Honeymoon picture


Poornima and Indrajith are Malayalees’ favorite stars. Poornima, who was always present in the living room of Malayalees, is very active in social media. Now, a picture and a post posted by Purnima on her Instagram is gaining attention on social media.

The star has shared the note with the strict admonition that those who are not eighteen should not read it. The actress shared the picture of her honeymoon trip with her husband Indrajith. However, the star says that her honeymoon can be described as ‘school escarpment’.

Purnima is wearing a red and black churidar with a folk look. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, Indrajit. Poornima jokingly said that she did not see the costume and shoes. Purnima says she is thrilled to see them wearing the same colors.

There are also pictures of Jantar Mantar running through it. Poornima notes that she has taken pictures of all the pose to make people believe that her honeymoon trip was a good one.

Poornima Indrajith is an artist who has proven her talent in fashion designing and acting. After a long break, the actor made his comeback through the movie ‘Virus’. Poornima is celebrating lockdown with Indrajith at her flat in Kochi. The star did not forget to share his talents with his fans, including children’s prayers and star-studded recipes.

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