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New York: The grandmother of her grandmother’s death has been arrested. Cynthia Bach, 61, a native of Pennsylvania, was arrested a few days ago by police. She was taken to the York County Judicial Center for further proceedings.

Cynthia’s grandmother, Glenora Record Delahay, died in 2004. He died at the age of 97 years at his home in Admore. But Cynthia’s death details were kept secret so that her grandmother could not afford the money she received from the Social Security program. The body was then placed in a freezer and kept in a secret location underneath the house. When I moved from Admore to York County in 2007, this freezer was secretly shipped there. When the financial crisis worsened, Cynthia’s home was in danger of being lost. It was around this time that the body was found inside the freezer. According to information provided by them, the police team arrested Cynthia. The accused have been charged with contempt of the body and financial exploitation.

Investigations have revealed that Cynthia took from the Social Security program on behalf of her grandmother nearly $ 2 million from 2001 to 2010. They used this money for loan repayment and other things. Authorities have confirmed that the money was transferred to Cynthia’s grandmother until 2010.

Content Highlights: Woman Keeping Her Grandma’s Dead Body in Freezer for 16 Years

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