Penalty dispute: A student who gave up a brigade in the USA must pay BGN 1,100.


A Bulgarian student has to pay a fine of BGN 1,100, although he will not travel on a brigade to the United States this summer.

To leave, Ivo Cholakov contacted an intermediary agency. However, due to the pandemic, the agreed American employer will not work.

“We think they are likely to close the borders either before we leave or after we are there. Most likely, we may not return, “said the student.

The agency is proposing an annex that provides for penalties for various pandemic situations. However, he does not sign it. However, the company plans to keep 1,100 of the already paid BGN 3,000.

“Pandemic – this word was not known and is not included anywhere in the contract. So we did not assume that such a reason could arise and he would not leave, “says Ivo’s mother – Velichka Cholakova.

“On May 18, Mr. Cholakov filed in our office a request for unilateral termination of his participation in the program, which is dictated by his personal desire not to travel to the United States, and not by the existence of objective impossibility or force majeure to participate in the Program. be implemented “, reads the position of the company.

“The boy signed a contract with the company in question before this irresistible force, such as the coronavirus pandemic, occurred, so the boy can now terminate the contract in question without having to pay a penalty for it,” said lawyer Nikolina Mitova.

We contacted the Association of International Cultural Exchange Agencies, which represents the industry, but they remained silent because the conditions of the companies were not uniform.

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