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Paul Magnette

Photo: BELGA

PS chairman Paul Magnette calls for a “recovery shock” for our economy. The PS puts a recovery plan on the table with the super core with a battery of measures for a total of 37.5 billion euros. The measures must serve the catering, hospitals, culture and purchasing power, among other things. That says the party chairman on Saturday in an interview with Le Soir.

Magnette says she has consulted the sectors involved on a large scale, as well as economists. He is inspired by Ghent University economist Gert Peersman (UGent), who believes that injecting money today will protect tomorrow’s tax revenues by saving businesses and jobs.

Magnette’s plan includes the € 10 billion already committed by Belgium and includes extending the temporary unemployment system until the end of the year.

Friday evening, economist Paul De Grauwe called Magnette’s recovery plan “surrealistic”. De Grauwe said that in the Canvas program “The appointment on Friday”. At that time, an amount of 50 billion euros was still circulating for Magnette’s plan. “We now have a deficit that will certainly go to 50 billion. You can’t say at the end of the ride: we’re going to add another 50 billion to that? That may be political, but it is not a serious economic analysis. ”

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