Paraskeva Dzhukelova took her husband back


Two years after Paraskeva Dzhukelova’s husband betrayed her trust and the two separated, the charming actress took him back to her home. She and the director of “Elevation” – Victor Bozhinov, met a few months ago and share the care of their daughter Kalina.

For at least two months now, Paraskeva has been living in her rural house in the Balkan market. This happened in March, shortly after the closure of theaters and cinemas in our country. She was wondering what to do in the capital without a job, so she packed her bags, went to the village and devoted herself to knitting and farming, writes “Gallery”.

In a TV interview, Paca, as her colleagues call her, said that she and Victor take turns touring the village with the child every weekday in search of a place with a good internet connection for distance learning. This was necessary because the connection in their home was not fast enough for such educational purposes. In this way, he indirectly revealed that he was living again with Viktor Bozhinov, with whom he had been officially separated until recently.

The couple broke up shortly after the premiere of the film “Elevation” at the end of 2017. The film, directed by Viktor Bozhinov and starring Paraskeva, became the highest-grossing film in our country and achieved successes that until recently were unthinkable for Bulgarian production. The director’s popularity became extremely high. He went to give interviews and it is said that without realizing it, he had an affair with one of the journalists who showed interest in him. When Paraskeva found out, she immediately showed him the door.

Infidelity was a painful blow to her self-esteem, as Dzhukelova had been loyal to Bozhinov for more than 20 years, half of whom had undergone in vitro procedures and attempts to give birth to a child. Despite the pain, the actress managed to keep a good tone with her husband and part with him without holding fairs to feed the curiosity of gossip. It became clear that the two were separated a whole year after the separation took place. Paraskeva shared it in an interview with BNT, refusing to disclose any details on the subject.

“Yes, we have been separated from Victor for two years. I will not go into details. I no longer intend to comment on my personal life and to engage people with it, “the actress stated categorically at the time. In the show, she also said that the separation was not due to infidelity.

“I call it the wear and tear of the material. We came to a situation in which we could not continue together. When you try to neglect or do not release the tension, it escalates and becomes tense. And with us it becomes impossible to stay with each other. I believe that people should be together, when they give each other support, love, and when both of them realize that this weighs on them, it is better, then it is better, then they are better.

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