Palghar murder: Two monks found murdered in Maharashtra


Mumbai: Two nuns found dead in Nanded district of Maharashtra. One person has been arrested in connection with the incident. The inmates of the ashram were informed by the police when they heard an unusual noise. The incident took place at Umri Ashram in Nanded.

The body of Sivacharya was found inside the ashram. But the body of Lord Shinde was found outside the ashram. Bala Brahmachari Sivacharya was a monk who came from Karnataka and founded the ashram. The police have concluded that the monk was killed by suffocation.

It has been found that property worth Rs 1.5 lakh was stolen from the ashram. The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Nanded Superintendent of Police Vijay Kumar said that the youth may have entered the ashram to commit the theft. He said he suspected that the monk was killed because he opposed the theft attempt of the young man. As part of the investigation, the police are being interrogated by the top officials of the ashram and surrounding areas.

Hindu monks were beaten to death in Palghar, Maharashtra last month. As the investigation into the incident continues, another monk is killed.

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