Palakkad announces ban on number of coronal patients


Palakkad: In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, the district government has issued a notification. The moratorium has been issued until the 30th of this month. The ban will come into effect from Monday. Due to the disproportionate increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the district, the district administration decided to announce the ban.

District Collector D Balamurali said there is no need to worry about the district at present. In the case of increasing number of people infected with the virus, people must comply with government directives. In the current situation it is important to keep the disease free. For this purpose, the public must comply with government directives such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, avoiding unnecessary bus journeys and purchasing goods using the maximum online system.

Do not release as much as possible, especially children and older. The district collector said that the maximum distance between the home and the house could be avoided.

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