Pakistani plane crash: 97 dead, two miraculously saved


Karachi: .

  97 people were killed when a plane crashed in a civilian center in Karachi on Friday. This includes nine children. Two men miraculously escaped. The plane was carrying 91 passengers and eight lives.
The Airbus A-320 crashed in Lahore’s Model Colony in Malir near the Jinnah airport. At least 11 people in the colony were injured when the car started to descend. Pakistani troops leading the rescue mission said 97 bodies had been recovered. 25 houses were damaged. Major General Babur Iftikhar, a spokesman for the military, said that the people have been shifted to safer places.
The Sindh Ministry of Health said that 19 bodies were recovered. Others are burned. The DNA Identify only by inspection. The passenger list included 51 men, 31 women and nine children. Information about the employees has not been released.
Sindh Health Minister’s spokesperson Meeran Yousuf said that most of the colonists injured in the plane crash were women. The accident happened during Friday prayers. No one’s injury is serious.
The aircraft was last checked two months ago
Pakistan International Airlines said it had completed a thorough inspection two months before the crash. The plane was traveling from Muscat to Lahore the day before the accident. The PIA stated that no damage was found to the engine, landing gear or other equipment. He said. The Civil Aviation Authority has given permission to operate the service till November 5.
The pilot was notified by air traffic control that the landing gear was damaged before the crash. The exact cause is unknown. The air traffic control said the accident occurred when the second attempt was made to avoid landing on the first attempt.
The committee, headed by Air Commodore Mohammad Usman Ghani, has been set up to investigate the accident. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Airlines Pilot Association has called for a thorough investigation, including the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Federation of Airline Pilot Association.

Pakistan International Airlines has been in a major financial crisis for years. The loss of the airline, which has 32 aircraft and 18,000 employees, is estimated at 11 million US The media reported last month that it had reached the dollar.

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