Pakistan plane crash: Fact Check: image just before the knife presses; What is the truth of the film, which is being circulated in the name of the Karachi plane crash?


The shock of the Karachi plane disaster that has claimed the lives of many in Pakistan has not yet changed. CCTV footage of the crash was also revealed yesterday. But in the meantime, there were some other pictures of the plane. It is widely rumored that the plane’s engines crashed while flying. Also Read: Fact Check: “Wearing the mask for too long can lead to death”; Is it true

Propaganda says,

The plane crashed in Pakistan just moments before landing at the Karachi airport. According to rumors, the plane’s two engines crashed and crashed about five kilometers ahead of the runway. One such campaign has been on Twitter with the hashtag “Plain Crash”.

It is interesting to note that this propaganda image is used by many of the major media in Pakistan. They often shared that this was an exclusive film.The truth is,

But the picture is not what caused the death of 97 people in Karachi. This is an artificially made image.

The method found,

Popular image time Malayalam Reverse-searched through Google image and found a video. This is a video posted on the YouTube channel called Runtime. Video of PIA 777-200 (Engine Fire) Crash Landing Lahore Pakistan Uploaded by on June 28, 2019. At the same time it became clear that this was not a picture of the Karachi plane crash.

In addition, the PIA A320 crashed in Pakistan. The video, which was only 0.46 seconds long, showed that the image was shared.

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The image that killed 97 people in Karachi on Twitter is fake. This is a picture taken from a video that was made symbolically.

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