Oxford top epidemiologist shocks: Open pubs


Pubs, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment venues can be opened immediately without fear of a new increase in coronavirus infection. This is the opinion of the top epidemiologist from Oxford University – Professor Sunetra Gupta.

According to her, the catastrophic consequences proclaimed in the event that the restrictive measures are not relaxed gradually and gradually will not happen. The professor is of the opinion that long quarantine and social distance actually makes people more susceptible to diseases, as they thus remain unprotected against a variety of pathogens.A study by Imperial College London in March claimed that there could be half a million victims in Britain if strict ubiquitous quarantine was not introduced. However, Professor Gupta and her team at Oxford have developed an alternative model in which half of the population may have contracted the virus and the true mortality rate is 0.1 percent. Her version was very controversial then, but two months later, scientists began to accept it, writes the Daily Mail.

I think we could have done better if we had not taken any measures, or at least not. Maybe we should have thought about how to protect the vulnerable 30-40 years ago, when we started reducing hospital beds. The roots of all this lie deep back in time, says Professor Gupta.

Imperial College’s guess was for the worst possible option. The question is, should we have played on it at the cost of this whole blockade, which is starting to have worse and worse consequences, she added.

In support of her thesis, a study by the American banking giant PJ Morgan Chase claims that the quarantine measures imposed in the countries failed to reverse the course of the virus, but instead destroyed millions of households. This statement is based on the fact that after the removal of the restrictions, the level of infection decreases, and COVID-19 clearly follows its own dynamics.

In Denmark, for example, the reproductive level of the virus continues to fall after the opening of schools and malls. The same was observed in Germany after the measures were granted, as well as in the US states of Alabama, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Colorado.

In fact, in most countries, the infection weakens after the quarantine falls. On the other hand, huge holes have opened up in state budgets, and millions around the world have lost their jobs, according to PJ Morgan Chase.

They believe that frequent hand washing and climatic conditions in countries have had a much greater impact on the spread of coronavirus than the restrictive measures imposed by governments.

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