Over 63% of Plovdiv residents trust the coronavirus test by ELISA


Sofia. Over 63% of Plovdiv residents trust the coronavirus test by the ELISA method, so far 168 households are included in the study. This is shown by the interim results of the study, reported for Radio “Focus” -Plovdiv the regional governor Dani Kanazireva.

“For the period from 15 to 21 May in the Central region to participate in the county epidemiological study for COVID -19 have confirmed consent 64.5%, which makes 113 people from 76 households. In the North region 45 addresses were visited, the number of people who agreed to participate is 59, which again makes almost 65%. In the West, out of 44 visited points, 61 people have applied to participate, in the South, 90 people will participate in the survey of 58 points, and here the confirmed consent is over 70%. So far, 43 addresses have been visited in Thrace, 50 people have applied for participation, which is 53.5%, “said Kanazireva.

According to her, so far the total number of citizens in Plovdiv who have applied for participation in the representative survey for COVID-19 is 373, which is 63.2% and is more than other European countries. As an example, Kanazireva pointed out, according to RHI, a similar study from Austria, where the percentage of those who agreed and participated in testing for coronavirus is just over 50%.

Kanazireva specified that 9 teams, consisting of health inspectors from RHI and volunteers – trainee doctors, worked in the 5 regions. For the first week, 266 addresses were visited and 168 households agreed to participate.

In the following days, the teams continued to make a detour to the pre-determined random points in the study design. The Stolipinovo district will also be visited, with a mobile blood collection team on site. A similar organization is planned for Sheker Mahala in the North region.

“We have created a serious organization because the work is very responsible. The teams state that in a large number of cases there is a positive attitude towards participation. This shows that people trust the institutions and approve of the objectives of the study. I also thank the volunteers for their conscientious attitude to the study, “Kanazireva added.

She added that the only problems come from the difficult access to housing, especially in large complexes and neighborhoods, the absence of workers during the day, but in these cases the teams make a second visit in the evening.

The study in Plovdiv includes taking blood samples from 1,000 people, of which 800 from households and 200 from medics working in risk structures – emergency departments and offices and wards where patients with COVID-19 are treated. The test will be based on the ELISA method for the presence of antibodies, which will show how many Plovdiv residents have already encountered the virus. People who have agreed to participate in the study must fill out a questionnaire and a document of informed consent and make an appointment for blood sampling in the laboratory of DCC “St. George”.


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