Over 103,000 new cases of coronavirus worldwide in a day


PHOTO: Reuters

The number of registered infections with the new coronavirus in the world in the last 24 hours has increased by more than 103 thousand people and exceeds 4.89 million, according to data from the World Health Organization, quoted by TASS.

More than 4,000 people died on Thursday, and the total number of deaths is already over 323,000, BTA reports.

In particular, as of May 21, 4,893,186 infected and 323,256 dead were registered. For the day, the infected for 103 981, and the dead – 4467. The WHO data take into account only the officially confirmed data on morbidity and mortality provided by the states.

The highest number of infected people is in the region of North and South America – 2,166,003. For the day the number of infected people has increased by 60,333, and the number of dead – by 2,806, and the total number of deaths is 128,649.

There are 1,946,610 infected and 170,283 dead in Europe. In 24 hours the first indicator has increased by 17,811, and the second – by 1250.

In third place in the world is the Eastern Mediterranean region, where there are 376,379 infected and 10,468 deaths. During the day, the registered cases of infection increased by 14,477 and 165 people died.

The most infected are in the United States – 1,501,876 people. They are followed by Russia – 317,554, Brazil – 271,628, Great Britain – 248,297, Spain – 232,555, Italy – 227,364, Germany – 176,752, Turkey – 152,587, France – 141,312 and Iran – 126,949.

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