Other than oranges … Learn the top 8 foods that contain vitamin C


Vitamin C is known to support the immune system and help the body use the iron it gets from food.

According to the medical webmd, it is also an antioxidant and helps protect body cells from damage.

The site pointed out that men need 90 milligrams daily, while women need 75 milligrams.

The site pointed out that the orange fruit contains about 70 milligrams, but many other foods are also considered good and natural sources of vitamin “C”.

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Immune Fortress … Learn about the Benefits of Vitamin C

1- Red pepper

2- Kiwi

3- Strawberry

4- Broccoli

5- Cantaloupe

6- Tomato

7- Potatoes

8- Cauliflower

It is noteworthy that the crisis of the new Corona virus and the citizens’ desire to buy many medicines and nutritional supplements that contain vitamin “C” from pharmacies, with the aim of strengthening immunity and preventing it, caused their lack of markets, especially the vitamin “C” that many people need, especially children.

This prompted many to search for safe natural sources of vitamin C and try to benefit from them.

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