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Thiruvananthapuram: Online classes for students of the state will start tomorrow. Education Minister C. Raveendranath said that the classes would be broadcasted through the Viktors channel and there would be only one class at a time. So one child at a time should be in front of the TV. The minister said that a TV should be sufficient for households with multiple children. He was responding to queries from Mathrubhumi News.

Classes will be held on the first week of the test. These classes will be re-broadcast. Those who do not have Victors Channel on TV can attend the class using the Internet or through a computer or smartphone. Classes 1 to 12 are offered online. Only classes in Malayalam medium will be taken in the first phase.

The class is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. There will be a reunion on Saturday and Sunday. The schedule for this has been published.

Teachers should make sure that they are available to children who do not have online class hearing aids. Efforts should be made in cooperation with local bodies. Attempts are being made to make it available through CDS and libraries for those who cannot afford to hear class.

DTH The government also wants the class to be made available. Some agencies have volunteered for this network.

The Minister said that the Department of Education is taking measures to provide channel in areas where there is no Vikers channel and it will be completed within two days. The first week is called the Trial. In the first weeks, we will try to fix it by identifying where it is not. The minister said all classes would be completed within a few days.

Those who miss class on TV can download it from YouTube and watch it, he said. The TV will be uploaded to YouTube as soon as the class is over. He said the TV was recommended because it was a bigger screen.

Night classes will be repeated. Its timetable is also provided. In addition, classes will be rerun on Saturdays and Sundays. This means that a class will be shown two to three times a week. The minister said that anybody would be able to see him again without missing a lesson.

Follow-up of classes on the channel will be conducted by teachers who teach the children.
The teacher is responsible for creating a network using modern technology to solve the child’s doubts.

After class, students can practice doubting through a network of teachers. In addition, after each lesson, there will be a class that focuses on the same questions that children may have when a lesson is centered. In addition, you can upload queries through portals like Comprehensive Portal.

More than 200,000 children are unable to attend online classes. The TV-making system has become popular. The first week’s trial was conducted to get feedback on how many children were missing classes and why they were not available. After that there will be a discussion on how to facilitate them and a plan will be made and it will become a popular project. The Minister said that there is a possibility that all the students in the class would get classes within two weeks.

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