One of the leading businesses of Bulgarians in the United States is most affected by COVID-19


The truck business of Bulgarian immigrants in the United States is among the hardest hit by the crisis over the COVID-19 pandemic. Heavy truck logistics is one of the main businesses for compatriots in Chicago.


“The pandemic of our business has affected not a little, but a lot. In principle, the work has decreased by 90% “, says the owner of the car service Emil Serafimov.

He has been in the United States for 20 years. Initially he worked as a truck driver, and for 4 years he has a truck repair and transport company. His business partner is another Bulgarian immigrant in Chicago, Rusi Radev, who is also the owner of a transport company.


“Currently, supply is much less than demand. If I can give an example – we have a truck on which we have to find a load and he is in Chicago, so to speak. And looking for a load for this truck, it turns out that there are 5 loads for Chicago and 300 trucks are fighting to take this load. Accordingly, this determines the prices and they are very low “, Radev explains.

Until a few months ago, the Illinois economy was one of the fastest growing in the United States. Today, Illinois and Chicago, where the largest Bulgarian community is located, is among the states hardest hit by the coronavirus.

To help the population and business, the United States has provided more than $ 2 trillion in financial aid. The rescue plan also helps the business of Bulgarian emigrants.


“Smaller banks forgive you 2 months that you will not pay, then you will have to pay them in the end. Or those 2-3 months that you missed as loan payments will be distributed among the other payments. For example, you have 20 months left to repay your loan and you missed 3 months, spread them over the other 20 months and your payments, for example, from 2000 dollars per month will become 2300 dollars “, says Rusi Rusev.

So far, Bulgarians do not predict how their business will continue after the end of the restrictive measures. Restrictions for the state of Illinois are expected to fall at the end of the month.

COVID-19 in numbers

Infected *New casesThey startedHealed
Bulgaria2 40836126808
The world5 365 00766 800342 0232 189 033
Infected *NewThey started
Bulgaria2 40836126
The world5 365 00766 800342 023

* Total number of cases, incl. died and healed.
* Total number of cases, including deaths and cures.
Source: Worldometer

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