On the anniversary of achieving unity … the Yemeni president confirms: not to allow the country to be drawn into partition and partition projects


Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi accused the Southern Transitional Council of continuing the “rebellion” and refused to implement the Riyadh agreement signed between the Yemeni government and the Council on November 5, to end the tension resulting from the latter’s control of the temporary capital, Aden, in southern Yemen.

Cairo – Sputnik. On Thursday, President Hadi said in a speech on the occasion of the 30th National Day for the establishment of the Yemeni Republic, the text of which was broadcast by the Yemeni news agency Saba, which is broadcast from Riyadh: “More than seven and a half months have passed since the signing of the Riyadh agreement that came After a rebellion against the state, and came after great national and regional efforts were made, through which we aimed to heal the rift and defuse the war, but there are those who do not want this people to settle, nor for this ship to dock to safety.

                    REUTERS / KCNA

“Ansar Allah” fired a ballistic missile at a meeting of the leaders of the forces of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi

He added: “Instead of appreciating the efforts, respecting the will of the people, and appreciating the efforts of brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and friends in the international community, they went (the Transitional Council) on the path of seduction and continued the rebellion with practical practices rejecting the agreement and repeated attempts to rob the state and its institutions and impede it from carrying out its tasks and preventing the implementation of an agreement Riyadh, leading to the so-called self-administration declaration and the start of attacking the national army in more than one governorate.

He stated that “the Yemenis all rejected these reckless steps, and the region and the international community rejected them because no one would be satisfied with these practices that seek to divide the country, usurp power and restore the cycle of violence and chaos.”

The Yemeni President called on the transitional council to “delinquency to peace, bloodshed, abandonment of intransigence, retreat from the measures announced, stop the robbery of state institutions, violate the rights of the people of Aden, Lahj, and al-Dhalea, and stop the looting of state resources, campaigns of arbitrary arrests, and targeting the army.”

He stressed that “the Riyadh agreement is still, until the moment, an available and possible option and a real way out,” noting that “the country can no longer tolerate and the humanitarian situation cannot tolerate gambling, perseverance and stubbornness.”

And he stressed “not to allow anyone – no matter who thinks of himself the ability and delusion in our people of weakness – from dragging the country towards the projects of division and division, chaos, violence and terrorism, whether these calls and attempts are internal or external.”

Southern Transitional Council forces in Aden, Yemen 2019

                    REUTERS / Fawaz Salman

The Southern Transitional Council captures a leader in the Yemeni army and 4 of his companions in Abyan

Hadi accused the Ansar Allah group, the “Houthis”, of not adhering to the initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General and his envoy to Yemen, in order to stop the ceasefire and focus efforts on confronting the Corona virus, saying: “Instead of dealing with responsibility for all these calls, the Houthi militia has gone on the offensive in all of The fronts in Naham, Al-Jawf, Marib, Al-Bayda, Al-Dhalea and Taiz, and inspired their old allies (in reference to the transitional) to destabilize elsewhere.

He added that the Houthis “denied the interim agreements sponsored by the envoy and his office regarding the revenues of Hodeidah, which the United Nations secured to cover the salaries, to loot and dispose of after they had obstructed the Hodeidah agreement,” noting:

“Just as are the young minds who do not care about the life of the people and their suffering, how their loyalty and decision are not dependent on their masters in Tehran and the southern suburb, they understood all our initiatives as a state of weakness rather than a state of sincere expression of our moral and constitutional responsibility towards our people and their suffering.”

The Yemeni president, accusing the Houthi group, of “rejecting peace, insisting on war, and considering war as an investment project that brings with it returns, balances and special benefits.”

He said, “He agreed to form a joint committee to confront the Corona epidemic at the entire national level (government areas and the Houthi community) for the interests of the people and to preserve public health, but that all initiatives go unheeded due to selfishness, irresponsibility and indifference.”

Hadi called on the international community, specialized organizations and donor countries to “help the Yemeni people and work to overcome the risks (the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and what was caused by the floods disaster), and help the government in saving the people.”

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