Oman’s Supreme Committee says if there is a lockdown, there will be no penalty and heavy curfew.


Muscat: The Oman Supreme Committee says there is no need for a curfew in Oman. The Oman Transport Minister said there were no plans to restart international flights immediately. Kovid confirmed 327 people in Oman today. However, if the quarantine procedure is not followed, the Omani 200 will be fined.

Twenty Omani men will be fined if they are released without wearing a mask in public and commercial areas of Oman. Anything more than five would be considered a violation of law. One hundred Omani Oral Rates will be imposed on the accused. Social gatherings and synagogues can be fined up to RM1500. The Royal Oman Police has been given permission to conduct a direct inspection, the Oman Public Prosecutor said.

The air traffic will start in the country with domestic services. However, Oman Transport Minister Ahmed Mohammed al-Futaisi said there were no plans to start international flights soon. In Oman, 327 people have been confirmed with the Kovid 19 virus. Of these, 105 are Native Americans and 222 are foreigners. The number of people infected with the virus has reached 6370 and 1821 people have recovered, the Ministry of Health said.

Thirty people have so far died of the Kovid 19 virus in the country.

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