old youtube gamer | Not so much the dude; This 90-year-old grandmother is the oldest YouTube gamer in the world


Parents often talk when their children play games. But the news comes out of a grandmother who is still in her 90s playing video games. The star is Hamako Mori, a grandmother of Japan. The grandmother started playing the game when she was 51 years old. She is now playing the Guinness Book of Grandmothers.

Grandmother has been honored as the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber. Guinness World Records also shared a video of the grandmother. The video was shared by the name of the gamer’s grandmother. Their journey as a gamer is told in the video. The grandmother says that watching a movie is like watching a game. Her grandmother says she can’t seem to get up later.

It started playing video games in 1981. Although it was very difficult, he decided to study the game. The grandmother says that if she fails, she will try again without quitting the game. Never liked to play action games before. It seemed to be a great deal of trouble. But later he became interested in the video game. Her grandmother is now playing live video games. Her grandmother says she played more than seven hours a day before the game.


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