Number of users Xiaomi’s Android skin Miui grows by 35 percent in 9 months – Tablets and phones – News


The number of users of Xiaomi’s Android skin Miui outside of China has grown by 35 percent in nine months. Where there were 163 million users in June last year, there are now 219 million. It concerns the number of monthly active users.

This increased the number of users outside China, while the number of users in China shrank. That went from 115 million nine months ago to 111 million now, according to the Xiaomi quarterly figures for the period from January to March.

The manufacturer shipped 29.2 million smartphones in those months, a slight increase over the same period a year ago. Xiaomi received an average conversion of about 133 euros for a smartphone, which is 7 percent more than in the same period a year ago.

Xiaomi first achieved most of its sales outside of China. Of all sales, 61 percent was due to smartphones, 26 percent to other products, 11 percent to internet services such as ads in Miui and subscriptions, and 1 percent to the “Others” category.

The company’s sales increased by approximately 14 percent to 49.7 trillion yuan, or approximately 6.4 billion euros. Profit fell by almost 50 percent to 277 million euros. This is partly due to increased costs and an unfavorable exchange rate.

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