Number of infections rising, fewer admissions


The Dutch railway company NS estimates that the number of train passengers will only return to the level before the corona crisis (1.3 million passengers per day) in 2025. Until then, the company expects a loss of 4.7 billion euros.

Commuting is about to change. Companies are also gaining good experiences with working from home and higher education is also starting to work more remotely. In 2024, the number of train passengers will be 7 percent below the level of 2019, the NS predicts.

© Hollandse Hoogte / Bert Spiertz

Without government support, the NS cannot keep its head above water, says financial director Bert Groenewegen in the newspaper NRC. According to Groenewegen, it is inevitable that the rail company will have to downsize. The basic premise, however, is that this should be done without forced redundancies, but through natural wastage. The NS wants to save 1.4 billion euros by 2025.

From 2 June, the NS will again run largely according to the regular timetable with the maximum number of trains, but with only 40 to 50 percent of passengers in it.

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