Not Megan, but Prince Harry was behind Megzit


Prince Harry was the initiator of the decision he and his wife Megan to give up their duties in the British royal family, announced Contactmusic. That’s what the book, Discovering Freedom: Harry and Megan and What the Modern Royal Family Is, says.

Prince Harry and his wife relinquished their royal duties earlier this year and moved first to Canada and then to the United States with the ambition to start a new life as philanthropists. Although so far the British have blamed Megan for the decision, and even coined a new word – Megzit, it does not seem to be hers.

“The truth is, Harry was unhappy a long time ago. And she always showed that she would support him no matter what he did,” the book said.

Harry often said that he had no choice but to break away from royal life with Megan and their son Archie. In a speech at a charity event following the surprise announcement, he admitted:

“The decision I made with my wife – to retire – is not frivolous. It was after months of talks and years of challenges. I know I’m not always right, but when it comes to that, it’s really the only solution.”

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