Not a single new case of coronavirus in China for the day – Around the world and in our country


There are no new cases of coronavirus or death from the infection in China for the past 24 hours – the data are from the National Health Commission.

Currently, the worst situation is with COVID 19 in Brazil. The country has surpassed Russia in the number of infected and is now in second place after the United States. The health care system, especially in large cities, is working at its limits.

And in Europe – travel is becoming freer, but with certain conditions. Britain has announced that anyone arriving in the country will have to be quarantined for 14 days. France regretted the measure and announced that it would impose a reciprocal measure.

Protests against the government and the way it is dealing with the pandemic are planned in Poland and Spain. As of today, the beaches in Cyprus are accessible.

And in Turkey, a strict three-day quarantine has come into force – the reason – Muslims are celebrating Ramadan Bayram, and the government fears crowds.

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