No rotten apples at Manchester United, Solskjar boasts – Football World – England


There are no rotten apples at Manchester United, Red Devils coach Ole Gunnar Solskjar said in an interview with United We Stand.

“There will always be players who want to play more. But if the team’s goal is to be successful, then the players must be ready to go out on the field at any time. I feel that there is not a single rotten apple in the team now.

A year ago, the players were tired physically and mentally, and we had many injuries. The players were negative-minded, while now everyone is positive. When you win, everything is easy.

Only in difficult moments can you see who you want to have on the team and who has the character you need for it. We are a team. “I’d rather have a hole in the team than an asshole,” Solskyar said.

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