No new coronavirus infected at the Kostal plant in Pazardzhik


| updated on 22.05.20 at 12:12

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There are no new people infected with coronavirus in the Kostal plant in Pazardzhik, said the director of RHI Pazardzhik Dr. Fani Petrova.

The 22 workers who tested positive for Covid-19 in the last two days were placed under a 28-day quarantine.

Their seats will be taken by other colleagues who have been on leave so far.

“All the contacts of the infected workers have been searched. So far there are no positive samples from their contact people, but we are waiting for the results of about 100 more samples from the laboratories,” said Dr. Magdalena Staneva, director of the Infectious Diseases Surveillance Directorate. diseases “in RHI – Pazardzhik.

She added that the final disinfection of the production premises where the infected employees of the plant worked has already been done.

The new four cases of coronavirus in the area are of two women and two men, aged between 66 and 70, who are being hospitalized for treatment. “They are in satisfactory condition, with the pneumonia characteristic of the disease,” added Dr. Staneva.

She specified that the two people from Pazardzhik who died in the last 24 hours had very severe concomitant diseases – chronic renal failure, hypertension and ischemic heart disease.







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