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The Dubai Religious Affairs Department has said that there is no provision for the celebration of the Eid of Prayer. Ancient scholars have agreed that even if you leave the prayer alone, the feast of the feast will be honored. The fatwa of the scholars of the Department of Religious Affairs stated that the safety of men is the core of religion.

Speech is not an integral part of the celebration of the feast, even when the feast at home is not only a matter of prayer, but also of ordinary days. Scholars have pointed out that women who worship the feast at home and do not come individually or in the pulpit or Eid gah are not needed. This year’s feast is a special occasion. That’s the thing to consider. Scholars have interpreted the rituals associated with the feast of the Koivid period with reference to the disagreements of the four major schools of thought.

It is the second year of the Hijra that the small feast of Prayer became a religious practice. It was the sunrise. In spite of the slight differences of opinion, the meaning of religion is that organized prayers are not relevant in times of loss of life or property.

Religious rituals can be relaxed if the prevailing fear of contagion persists in the society in which we live. Friday’s Jumu’ah prayer, five-hour organized prayers, and the fasting Taraweeh are all within the ambit of social circumstances.

This precaution is to prevent people from becoming infected with the deadly virus. Discourses, Iftar banquets, official and informal gatherings, and exclusion of family meetings are all part of religious law that focuses on social security. Scholars have ruled that religious observances of worship are simple and broad views.

Shrines were closed until the pestilence moved, with the emphasis on the safety of human beings based on Islamic Shariah. Until that is done, individuals and small families need to worship at home. Religious rituals, such as bathing, using perfumes, dressing up, eating bananas before prayer, etc., are followed.

The Department of Religious Affairs has called the community to the present serious situation of the Feast Prayer by quoting the Prophet’s words: “Do whatever you are told.

Contact through social media

The religious affairs department has been reminded to continue family and personal contact during this feast. Despite direct barriers to direct contact, family and human relations must be strengthened by means of social media and other modern means. Do not violate lockdown for festive visits. Be allies and protectors of one another. Scholars have suggested that the feast should be in accordance with the safety standards issued by the official centers.

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